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Welcome to our online library where you can access a range of innovation and commercialisation tools, articles, books and interesting information that will stimulate your thinking and challenge your views. Access to the library is FREE; in return we encourage you to SHARE any relevant articles, books or resources that you have found valuable. 

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KPMG Enterprise Report

The inaugural KPMG Enterprise Report

enterprisereportKPMG partnered with Colmar Brunton to conduct quantitative and qualitative research; conducting workshops and in-depth interviews, looking at how to grow New Zealand’s future prosperity.

No wonder SMEs struggle with innovation

James & Wells

ceriInnovation poses big challenges for any business. For most SMEs, it is enough of a struggle trying to survive in a competitive market and generate a profit commensurate with the effort and risk, without the significant drain in time, effort and resources that research and development involves.

Venture Pulse Report 2015 - Global VC focus, trends and activity

Global VC activity for 2015

ventureThe Venture Pulse Report 2015 is a comprehensive analysis of global venture capital activity by continent and industry. It analyses USD $128 B in VC investment. It looks at many trends including large companies becoming the customers of startup companies as a pathway to growth and new markets.

Disruptive Technologies,Risks and Opportunities

Louise Webster

Disruptive Technologies,Risks and OpportunitiesChartered Accountants Association / future inc panel discussion focused on disruptive innovation and the impact of future technology on work, education and the economy.

Changing the world: A video log of Kiwi innovation

Exploring New Zealand’s on-off relationship with turning innovation and creativity into commercial, scaled, export businesses, these videos provide kiwi innovators with key tips for success.

China: A growing, strengthening relationship

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

China shoppingChina is now New Zealand's number one export destination. While agribusiness, services and smart manufacturing solutions all feature, unsurprisingly food and beverage - New Zealand's largest category in China - has the most representation.

The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Bill Gross

Bill Gross has founded a lot of startups, and incubated many others — and he got curious about why some succeeded and others failed.

Building your company director brand

henri_eliot_article.jpgHenri Eliot offers his top tips on how you can brush up on your directorship brand to secure your first or additional board roles.

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