Innovation Heroes

There's nothing like the energy generated when a bunch of innovators come together. To bottle that magic, we've put some Kiwi innovators in front of the camera to talk about the behind the scenes of innovation and building a successful business. We call it Innovation Heroes: the Show & Tell series.

You can expect more videos, more advice, more Heroes each month.

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Be Inspired

Get top tips and inspiration for business growth

Running a business can be a real rollercoaster, so we've asked our Innovation Heroes for useful insights into their personal journey of entrepreneurship and innovation. Jenene C...

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R&D and Funding

Get Top Tips for R&D and Funding

We have some amazing insights to share with you from some great kiwi innovators; Shama Lee from Sunfed Meats, Lisa Johnston from Volpara and Nigel Slaughter from Ligar. All thre...

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Culture Skills & Talent


Time to tackle Culture, Skills and Talent! It’s been said an organisation is only as good as the people in it. But it’s also a bit of a Catch-22: how do you attract the very bes...

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Market Ready

Get Top Tips on your go-to-market strategy

The third video in our Innovation Heroes Show & Tell series puts a spotlight on being 'market ready'. We can't stress enough the importance of this piece of the pie and have...

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Investment Ready

Get Investment Ready!

How do you raise the money to grow your business? Where do you start, and what should you avoid? Time to get investment ready!  WATCH THE VIDEO  

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Strategic Planning

How do you scale up and take the next step?

How do you create a plan to ensure that your business can grow and is scalable while continuing to meet the current needs of your customers? It's a real balance and one that we ...

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