Innovation Heroes

There's nothing like the energy generated when a bunch of innovators come together. To bottle that magic, we've put some Kiwi innovators in front of the camera to talk about the behind the scenes of innovation and building a successful business. We call it Innovation Heroes: the Show & Tell series.

You can expect more videos, more advice, more Heroes each month.

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Be Inspired

Get top tips and inspiration for business growth

Running a business can be a real rollercoaster, so we've asked our Innovation Heroes for useful insights into their personal journey of entrepreneurship and innovation. Jenene C...

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R&D and Funding

Get Top Tips for R&D and Funding

We have some amazing insights to share with you from some great kiwi innovators; Shama Lee from Sunfed Meats, Lisa Johnston from Volpara and Nigel Slaughter from Ligar. All thre...

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