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An ecosystem is all about connection. Whether intentional or random, you never know just who might kickstart your next idea or give you the advice to take your business to the next level.

Here you'll find innovators and service providers that can help you overcome your biggest growth challenge, and they've offered up to an hour of their time for free to chat it through. 

A problem solved is a business grown - so, chat to a Business Coach and get what you need to find your next solution.


Sales mentor coach and blogger

Ben Paul


Strategic Planning, Business Health

It is never to early to get your product and service out there. Whether that be through setting up your digital marketing platf...

John mansell

John Mansell

James & Wells

R&D, Strategic Planning, Export

John is one clever cookie. Speaking of cookies, you should speak to John if you are in the business of cookies or anything food...


Tonde Kaitano

Bayer New Zealand


Tonde trained as a toxicologist in the UK and currently works at the interface between innovation and regulation at Bayer Crop ...

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Elisabeth McMaster


R&D, Market Ready, Export

I have spent my career working in the export industry with focus on commercializing innovation.

Mike brown

Mike Brown


Strategic Planning, Export

Chat to Mike about strategic planning and export in Food & Beverage or Agriculture.

Jason tuck

Jason Tuck

James & Wells

R&D, Investment Ready, Export

Jason is passionate about crafting IP strategies to meet unique business objectives.

David mac

David Macaskill

James & Wells

R&D, Funding, Investment Ready

Helping Kiwis make their mark on the world stage is David’s specialty when it comes to IP.

Carl massarotto

Carl Massarotto

Plant and Food Research

R&D, Funding, Market Ready

Talk to Carl about R&D and science in food & beverage.