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Many of you will know that the NZ Innovation Awards is owned and run by the NZ Innovation Council. It forms a core part of bringing our innovators together to help them celebrate the great work they do. For too long, Kiwis have been bashful about telling the world about the cool things they’re doing. The NZ Innovation Awards is set to change that!

Come and join us for the NZ Innovation Awards 2017 - a night of fabulous food & wine, entertaining chat and mad celebrations!

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The New Zealand Innovation Awards are our way of helping people with their crazy-great ideas and innovations. We created these awards to give smart, innovative NZ individuals and businesses a platform to be recognised and celebrated, and if that national recognition helps you on your path to business success, so be it!

These awards go way beyond simple bragging rights. In the years we’ve been holding these awards, we’ve seen countless businesses form super-beneficial connections with new partners and we’ve watched as private investors shoulder-tap some great Kiwi endeavours. Best of all, we’ve watched the innovation ecosystem grow and connect, forming a useful network made up of innovators, business owners which helps businesses like you get to that next level.

If you’re doing some cool things and rocking your industry, we want to hear about it. Tell us about your innovations, your products, services or ventures. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader or you have 1000 employees; it doesn’t matter if you turnover millions a year or you’re yet to see a penny – we want to hear from you. This is your chance to put yourself or someone you know on a national stage, to get some publicity and connect with our amazing network. And we throw a pretty incredible party each year to celebrate, bringing more than 700 innovators into one room.

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